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SPIED: Does this 2021 Range Rover have a BMW engine?

We’ve already learned that BMW has partnered up with Jaguar Land Rover to provide the Brits with engines while the two (three?) brands collaborate on electric powertrains. We spoke about why we thought this is…

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BMW X7 By the Numbers: Just how big is it?

Since its debut just a few days ago, the BMW X7 has become a punching bag in the media, over its enormous, seemingly superfluous size. (Literally no one complains about the size of the Mercedes-Benz…

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Photo Comparison: BMW X7 vs Range Rover

The BMW X7 is finally here and it’s ready to take on a new level of competition. Before the X7’s debut, the BMW X5 was always the largest Bavarian SUV. So never has BMW had…

Editorial: Range Rover – the Speed Bump On the Road to Strategy One

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BMW X2 Could Spawn Range Rover Evoque Convertible Rival

The fabled and seemingly much desired convertible SUV niche seems to be doing great these days. There’s only one model available out there in this configuration and it hails from Britain. The Range Rover Evoque…