The upcoming BMW 7 Series will, most likely, be a very controversial car. Not necessarily from the technology point of view. The engine line-up should be pretty awesome too. However, it will be the exterior design that will pose a lot of very interesting questions. According to a number of sources and looking at the latest spyshots of the upcoming limousine, the design of the car won’t exactly be traditional.

Instead, BMW will most likely adopt some of the new design language unveiled on the BMW XM Concept. The split headlights are almost a given at this point and a massive grille on the front end is to be expected. Speaking of which, according to a forum post, from a source with a good track record, the front grilles of the new 7 Series will have a different look than the ones used right now.

Based on the recent spy photos, the grille might feature a single-piece frame. The design hints at a unified body for the two sides, similar to what we’ve seen on the 8 Series for example. It will also house a massive radar right in the middle of it, a solution needed for the advanced driving aids of the new luxury limousine. What recent patent drawings don’t show is the size of it and that’s the biggest concern most people have. Judging by the latest spyshots, it’s going to be quite a big grille overall. Definitely not on part with the crowd favorite E38 model.

As for the 7 Series itself, it will bring forward a line-up of both internal combustion and hybrid engines,. But at the same time, it will also be offered in a purely electric version, the i7, and will have all the bells and whistles BMW has to offer. On the inside we’ll get all the latest tech and a dashboard similar to the one found on the iX, while the passengers will be wrapped in the best leather money can buy and will have luxury amenities such as self-closing doors and a next-gen sound system.

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