One of the most important BMW cars to launch in 2022 is the next generation 7 Series. Not only the new 7 Series limousine has been redesigned from ground up, but it also features the first all-electric 7 Series. The BMW i7 is featured in an official spy photoshoot at the BMW Group winter test center in Arjeplog, Sweden.

According to a press release, the 7 Series electric limousine is testing its suspension components, steering and braking systems in cold weather conditions. BMW says that the performance-oriented tuning of the wheel suspension, springs, dampers and various regulating systems were designed to match the various different drive types. The new 7 Series will be offered with a wide range of drivetrains: from combustion engines to plug-in hybrids and electric models.

Furthermore, BMW engineers make use of test surfaces on frozen lakes with their low road friction coefficient in order to achieve particularly fine tuning of suspension control systems. The testing process allows them to identify the perfect balance between between friction brake and deceleration in order to recoup the most energy.

Naturally, the winter testing program also allows BMW to see how the  i7’s electric drivetrain handles cold weather climates. The high-voltage battery, power electronics and charging technology are inherited from the BMW iX.

The top BMW i7 model is rumored to have three electric motors in its highest specification. Two of them will be mounted at the back and the third one will be positioned on the front axle. It will alledgedly have somewhere in the region of 650 horsepower rather along with a large 120-kWh battery pack with enough juice for 435 miles (700 kilometers) per WLTP. We also expect a dual-motor setup, with all-wheel drive, and a 105 kWh battery in the floor.

Production for the upcoming 7 Series is slated to kick off in July 2022 and we expect sales to begin in fall of next year.