Love it or hate it, the BMW iX is the most interesting car in the Bavarians’ portfolio. It’s a full-sized electric SUV with the best tech the brand has to offer, as well as some genuinely interesting touches, such as the self-healing kidney grille. However, due to all of its interesting features, it can be easy to lose track of them all. In this video from Autogefühl, Thomas provides an in-depth look at all of its unique, quirky little touches.

First, he talks about its design. The BMW iX has one of the most controversial designs of any modern BMW, maybe even the most controversial. However, if you can get past things like its kidney “grilles”, the iX is actually a pretty good looking car. It’s well proportioned, has good looking headlights and taillights, and sits on cool looking aerodynamics wheels.

Its interior is its main attraction, though. I’ve been saying it seen the first time I sat in the iX — it has the best interior of any BMW ever. The materials are the best I’ve ever seen in a BMW, they layout is unique and interesting, the seats are incredible, and the tech is top-notch. It’s absolutely fabulous and this video shows off why.


Moving onto some of the cool tech, Thomas shows it off in detail. For instance, that kidney grille panel at the front of the car houses a bunch of sensors. To keep snow and ice from disrupting the sensors, there’s a heating element built into it, which will melt snow or ice where the sensors are and which Thomas shows in this video. He also demonstrates how the grille panel’s self-healing skin works. He scratches it with a metal bar and then uses a hair dryer to heat the scratch up. After a little while, the scratch is completely gone.

If you’re interested in learning more about the BMW iX, we have a couple of reviews as well; both written and video; but this video from Autogefühl goes very in-depth and can help give you a great idea of what the iX is like to drive and live with.