The BMW M8 hasn’t had a great start in the U.S. in terms of sales, as a number of factors slowed its roll. The high-performance Coupe and Convertible models had not only stiff competition to face in their price brackets, but also a terrible year in 2020. For the 2022 model though, things have changed a bit and the pricing for the two M cars was just announced this week, making them a lot more appealing.

Compared to the original pricing, the 2022 M8 Coupe and M8 Convertible (both in Competition guise, as that’s the only flavor the U.S. market is getting right now) are now $16,000 cheaper. To be more precise: when the M8 was originally launched, the Coupe Competition model had a starting price of $146,995 while the Convertible version was $156,495. Now they start at $130,995 and $140,495 respectively. It’s interesting to note that the Gran Coupe version has the exact same price as the Coupe. Therefore, you can get two extra doors for free.

The three M8 models can be ordered right now and they come very well equipped, even in standard guise. However, just as it is the case when a new model year comes around, some new optional features have been introduced and you might want to take note. For example, you can now get M Carbon bucket seats on these new models and at $3,800 they might just be worth the money. However, as we mentioned in a couple of our reviews of these exact seats in the M3 and M4, while they do offer great side support, they take away a lot of the comfort too.

On the outside, you can also tick a new color choice for your car, namely Aventurin Red Metallic, a color we love already. Regardless of the combination you go for, the specs remained the same: the M8 Competition coming with the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 making 617 HP and 553 lb-ft of torque. The acceleration figures are just as crazy too, right around the 3-second mark, give a take a couple of tents here and there.