Swiss tuning powerhouse dÄHLer Competition unveils its take on the BMW M8 Convertible, turning up the dial on performance significantly. The cabrio’s 4.4 liter V8 TwinTurbo engine, which impressively delivers 617 hp and 553 lb-ft (750 Newton meters) of torque right off the bat, serves merely as a starting point for the Swiss tuning aficionados. From the outset, Dähler enhances the car to achieve 700 hp and 870 Newton meters of torque.

Massive Power

This boost is accompanied by a richer sound profile, courtesy of a carbon air intake and upgraded middle and rear silencers. The visual impact is heightened by the four 100-mm exhaust pipes, finished in black ceramic, elevating the car’s aggressive appearance. Even with these modifications, the BMW M8 Convertible complies with WLTP Euro 6d standards, ensuring registration in Switzerland and the EU is a breeze. For those less concerned with regulations, Dähler pushes the envelope further, reaching up to 740 hp and 880 Newton meters of torque. Additionally, an optional module allows for exhaust flap control at a button’s touch and the removal of the speed limiter. While dÄHLer stops short of quantifying the improvements, it’s safe to assume the car’s standard 0-100 km/h sprint time of 3.3 seconds is notably reduced, thanks to the power increase.

Custom Suspension

The tuner based in Bern also presents two proprietary chassis lowering options. The first option involves sport springs that lower the vehicle’s front axle by 20mm and the rear by 10mm. Alternatively, dÄHLer has engineered an in-house coilover suspension system, allowing drivers to fine-tune the vehicle’s height and the suspension’s compression and rebound stiffness. For aesthetic enhancements, dÄHLer showcases an array of wheel designs, including the 21-inch CDC2 forged wheels outfitted with 275/30R21 tires at the front and 305/30R21 at the rear. The CDC1 wheels are another choice, available in both 21-inch cast and 22-inch forged versions, with suitable tires for each. dÄHLer also offers customization services such as painting the rims any color or finishing them in a polished “dÄHLer edition” for an additional charge.

In addition to wheel options, the tuner provides a carbon fiber aerodynamics package, incorporating a front spoiler lip, rear apron, and side skirt enhancements. Interior customization options include leather and Alcantara upgrades. dÄHLer further extends its customization offerings with branded accessories like foot mats.

[Source: Daehler via Bimmertoday]