Most BMW enthusiasts have M2 on the brain at the moment. After some photos of the upcoming G87 BMW M2 front bumper leaked, there have been several renders and fan discussions about it. If you can’t get enough M2, than these new spy photos, showing off the car in heavy camo, are for you. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)

Sadly, there’s really nothing new to see here, as the car is covered in so much camouflage that it doesn’t really show off anything we haven’t already seen before. However, we are now looking at these photos with the knowledge of the front bumper design, after seeing it in the aforementioned leaked photos.

In those aforementioned photos, the G87 BMW M2 front bumper seemed to have extremely square design elements. Its grilles were very squared off and its front air intakes were essentially exact rectangles. When looking at these new spy photos, the cutouts in the camo to allow for air to pass into the grilles and air intakes are exact rectangles as well, which is normal. That’s ironic, though, because it sort of gives us the impression of what the car is going to look like without the camo.

Render by @magnus.concepts on Instagram

The rest of the car, though, look quite good. Its wheel arches are nicely swollen, it sits low to the ground, it features nice big quad exhausts, and a wider wheel track than the standard 2 Series. It’s likely going to be a handsome car when it eventually debuts.

Thankfully, it should also be quite fun. The new BMW M2 will be built on a version of the same scalable architecture as the G80 BMW M3 — which is brilliant — and will have a detuned version of the M3’s engine. So expect around 450 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque from a 3.0 liter twin-turbo inline-six. Rear-wheel drive will be the only option and it may even come with a manual gearbox. So while it might be a bit funky looking up front, it won’t be anywhere near as controversial as the M3 and it will also be killer to drive. Good things ahead.

[Source: Motor1] [Top Render: @bmw43__ on Instagram]