We’ve been following Joe Achilles’ adventures with his G80 BMW M3 Competition, as he’s one of the only YouTubers to own one and, more importantly, actually drive it. Other YouTubers (we won’t name names) tend to buy exciting exotic cars, show their delivery of said cars, and then never actually do anything interesting with them. Achilles actually drives the hell out of his cars, takes them on long distance journeys, and even tracks them. So we’re curious as to how his G80 M3 holds up.

In his latest video, Achilles took his M3 on the Petrol Head Tours through Spain, a several-hundred mile journey through some of the most gorgeous, twisty roads in Europe. Over those few hundred miles, the entire group saw great weather, bad weather, good roads, and bad roads, over several days. It’s the sort of grand tour that truly tests your car’s abilities and the perfect test for a car like the BMW M3 Competition, which is supposed to be both fast and usable.

The BMW M3 Competition is actually a perfect car for such a trip. For starters, it’s fast enough to keep up with some of the other incredible cars that also attend, cars like a Ferrari 812 Superfast and McLaren 600LT. Sure, the M3 is as fast as those cars, but on real world roads, which can be bumpy and uneven, its normal ride height and more supple suspension actually allow it to keep up, where those cars have to slow down a bit. In addition to that, it also has four doors, a big back seat, and a big trunk, allowing it to swallow luggage for two and all of Achilles camera gear with ease. Plus, it’s comfortable.

This video is a good ad for both Petrol Head Tours and the BMW M3 Competition. If you’re a fan of grand touring; taking long journeys with your car and your partner; it’s hard to find a better combination.