Since the leaked photo of what looked like the front bumper of the upcoming G87 BMW M2, there are now at least two renders of the new car floating around the interwebs. We previously took a look at one but now there’s another, which looks… the same.

In this new render, you can see the G87 BMW M2 with the exact front bumper from the leaked photo. That means it gets new grilles which are boxier and sharper than the standard 2 Series. The inner sides of each grille are incredibly upright, with perfect 90-degree angles at each inner lower corner. It’s a bit of an odd look, to see such sharp, square grilles on a BMW, as that’s never really been done before.

Same goes for the lower front air intakes, which are basically just rectangles, with no real styling to speak of. I’m not so sure it’s a design that works and I feel like it’s going to be another controversial design. Though, it isn’t anywhere near as jarring as the kidney grilles on the M3 and M4, which have been dividing the fanbase since their official reveal.

Render by @magnus.concepts on Instagram

It is odd, though, to see such sharp, right angles at the front of the car, when the rest of it is so smooth. Even the headlights have a lot of rounded, soft edges, which sort of clash with the square grilles and air intakes. It’s almost as if two design teams designed the front end; one for the headlights and another for the grilles and intakes; and neither team ever consulted the other.

Having said that, the rest of the car’s design language seems like it will work well for M2-duty. Flared fenders on this body style will likely look quite good, and the M-style side mirrors work well. I can even see a hood bulge looking good, too. So while the front end, if it ends up looking like this, will be a bit of a shock, it will likely still be a good looking car overall and one that’s far less polarizing as its older siblings.

[Rendering by @magnus.concepts]