When the new BMW M3 and M4 models came out, one interesting function hidden in the infotainment sub-menus showed that the engineers in Munich still know how to have fun. Even though drifting is sometimes frowned upon, especially when done on public roads, we can’t help but admit that it is incredibly fun and it would be foolish for BMW to ignore the fact that their M cars are some of the best in the business at doing just that.

Therefore, they decided to embrace it and embedded a so-called BMW M Drift Analyzer into the on-board functions. The aim of this function is to detect when you’re drifting and give you a rating. This way, if you can afford the tires and the track to drift every day, you can actually become better at it, with the help of the new M Traction Control system. This new version allows you to adjust just how much the car’s rear end can slip.

The BMW M Drift Analyzer evaluates your drift data. That includes the drift length, drift duration, drift angle, speed and the friction coefficient of the road. That’s not all though. Apart from just evaluating your individual drifts, the analyzer can also record drift sessions. This will record all your drifts while you’re drifting and registers how much was driven and what was driftable. To put it more clearly, it records when you went round a corner and how much of it was a drift.

As for how to actually activate the BMW M Drift Analyzer, all you need to do is deactivate the DSC. Keep the DSC button pressed for 3 seconds and a menu will pop up, allowing you to choose between M Traction Control and the M Drift Analyzer. Before you use it though, you’ll have to confirm that you’re on a closed road and that the conditions are favorable. We also recorded our own video about the M Drift Analyzer, which you can see below.