The front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series hatchback family joins the BMW Individual catalog. Starting September 2021, the 1 Series models can be ordered with a wide range of paintworks from BMW Individual. Pricing will vary by market, but for example in the UK a special paint will set you back about 3,500 British Pounds.

The BMW Individual configurator for the 1 Series is already live and at a first glance, the paint options are quite exciting. Not only you can go for classic colors, such as Dakar Yellow, Imola Red, Rosso Corsa, Le Mans Blue, Daytona Violet or Fire Orange, but also for newer paintworks: Urban Green, Miami Blue, Mexico Blue, Verde Mantis, Ametrin, Zanzibar, Macao Blue and much more.

There is definitely a color for everyone and if money no object, then your final choice might be harder than you though. Along with the 1 Series, there is also a rumor than the next-generation G87 M2 will also join the BMW Individual program. That likely means that the new 2 Series will follow the same path.

This is certainly an interesting move by BMW and one that has been requested by customers for years now. It opens the doors to some interesting 1 Series models while it brings the company some additional revenue. Of course, some modifications to the production lines will be needed, but the profits will outweigh the costs in the long run.

The online visualizer for the BMW 1 Series shows that the individual program applies to the all the 1 Series model lines: Advantage, M Sport and, of course, the hot hatch BMW M135i xDrive.