Time waits for no man. And the old saying is true for companies as well. Even though you have a successful product on the market today, there’s no guarantee that, as time flies by, it will remain so indefinitely. The current BMW 5 Series range is one of the most popular ever made. Sales of the G30 generation have been going extremely well and the reviews coming in from every side (be it journalists or customers) are glowing. That might seem like extraordinary news at first – and it certainly is – but there’s also immense pressure on BMW regarding the future of the 5 Series.

The Bavarian company is already working on the next generation and, considering the challenges the industry is facing, it’s very likely to see major changes happening to it. It is almost a given that the G60 generation will be offering a lot of hybrid and electric choices to the customers. It’s also pretty obvious that internal combustion engines will play a very small role in the line-up. However, what’s very much a mystery right now is the design.

G30 Design Sketch

At the moment, the 5 Series and the 3 Series are the two models (along with their SUV counterparts) with the most conservative and elegant designs in the line-up. They are the closest to the Bavarian design rulebook right now but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will remain this way once the new versions come out. The guys from Auto Bild put together a speculative rendering, which you can check out in the video below. And it doesn’t look encouraging.

Sure, this is just a figment of the imagination as nobody can actually guess what the upcoming 5er will look like but it is a good starting point nonetheless. The main inspiration here came from the recently spotted 7 Series prototype and some rumors that the upcoming flagship might have a split headlight design. As we all know, the 7 Series kind-of dictates how the rest of the cars in the line-up will shape up over the next years, so if those rumors come true, the 5er will follow in its footsteps.

Even so, we’re pretty far off from seeing the real deal and here’s to hoping that the 5 Series will remain as classic and understated as it is now! One thing’s for sure though: the advancement of electrified powertrains and the massive amounts of technology these cars will come with will definitely leave a mark on their design in the end. ,

We also included another rendering at the top of the article, courtesy of Andrei Avarvarii.