The guys from the Savagegeese YouTube channel are known for being a bit blunt from time to time. Today, they published a video focusing on the new BMW 5 Series. The car got a mild facelift in 2020 and it is now doing the Internet rounds. And their tester was basically the most mundane choice in the US market you can get.

This is a 540i dressed up in Alpine White and wearing the M Sport package. A vast majority of new 5 Series models sold in the U.S. are configured this way, for a number of reasons. The biggest being that the 540i is the only one with a straight six petrol engine under the hood. A Bavarian specialty if you will. The white color is also the choice of many, especially since it’s standard and has better resale value.

But while this combination might make your BMW a great deal, it certainly takes away some of its character, making it blend into the crowd easily. As it is pointed out in the review, such a combination makes this car forgettable. And that’s a shame. On the other hand, this is a safe choice, as you know exactly what you’re buying and the 5 Series will deliver on all important items in your checklist. It could be described as boring but it’s also predictable, reliable and easy to use.

What this car is then, according to Savagegeese, is a refined product that feels more like a safe, luxurious, comfortable sedan than a ‘sports sedan’, the thing the 5 Series was mostly famous for. Don’t think this isn’t a fast car anymore, as it is, but it picks up speed so effortlessly that you won’t feel it anymore. And for some people that may be an issue but for most current owners, that’s exactly what they want from their cars.