We are still about two years away from seeing the future 5 Series, but here you have the first computer-generated image of the G60 generation. According to internal rumors, the design for the upcoming G60/G61 model series has been recently signed off as part of the design freeze phase. Without having seen any camouflaged prototypes to-date, it is fair enough to take this very first digital illustration with a pinch of salt.

We expect to see the first test vehicles for the G60/G61 5 Series roll out on streets this summer. Like in the case of the G22, I20 or future G70/G71, the 5 Series will also become the exponent of the new, bold and controversial design philosophy. As was the case with previous generations, the next 5 Series generation will take its inspiration from the G70/G71 7 Series, scheduled for official reveal around mid-2022. Expect some large-sized kidneys, although it is rather unlikely at the moment that they will look like in the rendering above.

Furthermore, as we expect the new 7 Series to get a big grille with horizontally-displaced kidneys and split headlights, we suspect that the G60 will have a toned-down approach, with generous, 3D kidneys, but not that large and certainly different from the tall, upright exercise on the new G2x 4 Series.

It is also unlikely that the future 5 Series will give up the traditional sedan, 3-volume shape in favor of a Gran Coupe silhouette like the one suggested by the artist in this CGI. The all-electric i5 model, coming around 2024, will too retain the classic limousine shape, despite having to compete with the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQE, which features an EQS-inspired body with a sloping roofline and four-door coupe traits.

The current G30 545e xDrive PHEV model.

The G60/G61 generation of the 5 Series will be a complete revolution on all fronts, with many technologies borrowed from the 7 Series and new iX flagship. Expect a host of efficient powertrains to be offered, with a consistent orientation towards plug-in hybrid and electric models. The future generation of the M5 arriving in 2024 is also set to be offered in two output levels: an electrified version with around 800 hp and all-electric model with a whooping 1000 hp.

Expect the new 5 Series to be introduced sometime in 2023, with the i5 and M5 iterations to follow closely in 2024.

[Posted with permission. Source: avarvarii | Instagram]