The range of BMW M models you can get today is as varied as it can get. Since the Bavarians decided to add the M Performance cars to the tally, you can now get more M badges on more cars than you could ever dream of. However, while some are dismissing such moves as ‘marketing stunts’ there are still true M cars on offer today and more are coming. According to our sources, BMW is already working on an M3 CS version of the current G80 generation.

This wouldn’t exactly be shocking news. The German company announced a few years back that it plans to make the CS badge a more common occurrence than before, with plans of offering such a model as part of more model ranges in the future. We’ve seen the previous generation BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4 being offered in CS guises, then the M2 CS and now we even have a BMW M5 CS  on the table. Therefore, bringing the Competition Sport versions back for another run is not exactly surprising.

As usual, details are scarce for now but we can use previous (and current) trends to make an educated guess as to what the G80 M3 CS will bring. First and foremost, there will be a lot of focus on shaving weight. With the new M3 being all-wheel drive and considerably heavier than the old model, that’s great news. However, does that mean that the new M3 CS will be a rear-wheel drive model? It’s too early to say, but we know a lot of enthusiasts would be thrilled to see it come with RWD and a manual gearbox.

Chances are that’s not going to happen though and BMW will be looking at other areas to scrap some weight off the car. We’ll be seeing a lot of carbon fiber being used and interesting new solutions as well. The power will also go up from the 510 PS (503 horsepower) of the Competition model. Most likely we’ll see a bump of 10-20 horsepower which should be enough in conjunction with the lower weight and fine-tuned chassis/suspension. The pricing will most likely be over 100k and we could even see a limited-production span for the CS once it comes out.