We’ve seen the word ‘monster’ being used quite often when referring to a car. From those using massive V8 engines to even electric ones, we’ve heard this combination before but does the new M4 Competition warrant the usage of the same term? After all, it only has a 3.0 liter straight-six under the hood, surely it can’t be considered a Monster. Can it? The guys from The Throttle House definitely seem to think so but it has nothing to do with the power or behavior of the car.

You see, most of the time, when a car was compared to a monster, it was all done metaphorically, to suggest massive amounts of power going out from under the hood, capable of turning tires into smoldering piles of rubber in an instant. It was all more of a way to describe a car’s character, personality, rather than anything else. In this case though, the guys from Throttle House decided the new M4 Competition could be called that because of its… looks!

Yes, they went right ahead and called the M4 a monster because of its looks and I think that misses the point completely. Their introduction focuses solely on the car’s design but that’s not the thing that matters the most on an M car, is it? Sure, looks do matter, especially when it comes to cars, but is that all that matters? Shouldn’t we also take it for a spin before throwing out diminutives or calling it names?

Well, luckily, the guys also discuss the underpinnings of the car and the way it handles, in their particular fashion, and they do raise some valid points. You’ll have to check out the video to find out what they are. And before we start yet another heated debate about the car in the comments section I have to say I saw the M4 Competition live last week and – prepare for inevitable cliché – liked it better than in the pics.