So far, of all the reviews and videos we’ve read and seen of the new BMW M4, they’ve all been used for a short period of time. That’s not a criticism, it’s just the nature of the business, as we only get cars for a week to test. However, Joe Achilles decided to do 1,000 km (621 miles) in his BMW M4 Competition test car, which is quite the achievement in just a week’s worth of time.

What does Achilles think of the M4 after spending so much time in it? There are a lot of things he loves, and some things he doesn’t. For starters, Achilles is one of the few media members that likes the look of the new M4. We spoke about this on our podcast with him recently, and he’s a fan of the new styling. He also loves the interior and the driving position, which sits surprisingly low. However, as of the interior, as cool as the new carbon buckets are, the seats tend to show wear on the outside bolsters quite quickly and they can cause some discomfort due to their cutout in the center of the seat bottom.

How about its drive, though? Surprisingly, the ride in Comfort mode is quite good, potentially even better than Achilles’ BMW 420i long-term test car. The BMW M2 CS proved that the M Division still knew how to make a proper suspension, so it’s nice to see that the M4 follows suit. Though, another downside is that the ZF eight-speed auto certainly loses some of the engagement of the old seven-speed DCT. While the ZF8 performs well enough, it just lacks the zip of the previous gearbox, so it does feel a bit less engaging.

If you want to get his full impressions, watch the video below. Achilles spent quite a bit of time with the BMW M4 Competition, so likely knows its strengths and weaknesses of it better than many others. Check it out.