We know a BMW i7 is on the way, with an all-electric powertrain and likely some iX-inspired design. So far, we’ve seen some spy photos of the new 7 Series, which potentially show off some new design elements. Keen-eyed enthusiasts have noticed that the spy photos seem to show a sort of split-headlight design for the new 7er, which would be a massive departure from BMW’s typical design language. Though, that hasn’t stopped the brand as of late.

In this new video, we get to see a render artist attempt to create the upcoming BMW i7 out of the aforementioned spy photos, while using the BMW iX as inspiration. Considering BMW’s homogeneous design language and its stubborn loyalty to the new kidney grille design, this render is likely quite accurate.

Admittedly, the split-headlight design is a still a bit up in the air and we don’t know if the BMW i7 — or 7 Series for that matter — will have that sort of squared-off front end. Spy photo test mules often use fake body panels to deceive onlookers. So it’s possible that there’s some fakery going on to throw us off BMW’s scent. However, if the test mules are accurate, this render could be as well.

If that’s the case, there are likely going to be some upset with the BMW i7. The low main beams of the headlights, flaking the massive kidney grille, give it the look of a sad pig. The split headlights also don’t look great and we’re hoping that if BMW does implement them, they’re done in a more cohesive way.

We’ll see when the BMW i7 and 7 Series finally make their debut but, for now, this is likely the closest we’re going to get to seeing the i7’s design until more spy photos are released.

[Spy Photo by @joelre98]