BMW’s first electric 7 Series will arrive in 2022. And just like the upcoming i4 and iX models, the new electric luxury sedan will have a similar nomenclature. According to some reports, including ours as well, the BMW i7 family will launch with three models: i740, i750 and i7 M60. As you can see, the naming convention is similar to the i4’s. The base name starts with “i”, but instead of the battery capacity, BMW is using a numbering scheme similar to the conventional models: the higher the number, the better and more expensive.

Therefore, the entry-level BMW i7 is the i740, followed by the i750 and ending with the top model i7 M60. You might be wondering why the “M”. That simply points out to a model “tuned” by the M Performance Automobile division. The very same model is likely to deliver an output of 484 kW/650 hp. There were also previous reports indicating that the forthcoming i7 would be good for 670 hp or even 700 hp. So it remains to be seen which figure is accurate.

Rendering by @sugardesign_1 on Instagram

One fact is that the only detail that seems to remain unchanged over time is related to the battery capacity of the i7 M60 range-topping variant: 120 kWh. The i740 and i750 are rumored to have a battery capacity from 80 kWh to 100 kWh. No solid info on the power output of the latter models. But we expect at least 400 kW/536 hp.

In terms of expected electric range, the 120 kWh battery would guarantee around 650-700 kilometers (WLTP cycle), while the 80 kWh unit would be good for roughly 470 kilometers, also depending on several other factors. Out of the three models, the i740 is the only one rumored to retain its rear-wheel drive. Therefore, a single electric motor compared to two electric motors at each axle for the other models.

Back in 2018, BMW and Porsche joined hands in creating what they call an “ultra-fast” charging station. The station has a charging capacity of up to 450kW and it can juice up a battery with a 62-mile charge in less than 3 minutes, or a full charge in 15 minutes. The details around the new i7’s charging capabilities are still scarce, but it’s fair to assume that BMW will use the latest and greatest tech.

One thing is certain though: the new BMW 7 Series, and implicitly the i7, will be the most advanced 7 Series, if not BMW, ever made. We’ve already outlined some of its features and options in this article.