It has become a sort of a theme to see the BMW M2 CS receive high praised in almost every single. This could be creating a legendary hype for the car, which could, in turn, make it a highly desirable collector’s item in the future. In an age when cars are becoming bigger, heavier and more complicated, the BMW M2 CS (while not exactly lightweight) is great because it’s a simple, no-frills driving experience.

The latest man to put his name on the list of fans this model has is MotoMan. We’ve seen him reviewing other BMW’s recently, from the BMW M5 Competition to the Alpina XB7 and each had a distinct flavor, as you’d expect. Now, it’s time to take a look at how the M2 CS fared in his independent review and, from the get go I can tell you that it didn’t disappoint. To put things into perspective, you should know that the limited-run Coupe is almost exactly 1,000 lbs lighter than the M5 Competition he tested not long ago.

As for the car, the performance is there and the compact packaging makes is sharp, agile and plenty fast in a straight line. His tester came with the 7-speed DCT gearbox and that was the one point he didn’t particularly agreed on, as a manual makes a lot more sense on a car dedicated to enthusiasts, who aren’t necessarily in it for the straight line performance but rather for the feeling they get in the bends.

And the big advantage the M2 CS has over most other cars in the range today is the balance, the lightness and strong performance from the straight-six under the hood. All that comes into play when carving canyons and the car definitely delivers on the ‘enjoyment front’, as you’re about to see in the video below.