Right at this moment, the fastest BMW M5 you can get is the Competition model that has been refreshed for 2021. The new version comes with a slightly different design up front and in the back, some new tech inside and new dampers to make it an even sharper tide. And, of course, it’s still one of the fastest sedans ever made. That’s not going to change anytime soon, even though the new M5 CS is right around the corner.

Therefore, until the M5 CS comes out, owners of the M5 Competition can still revel in the fact that their M cars are the fastest sedans BMW ever made. Naturally you can instantly bring up the M8 Gran Coupe, but officially the M8 is defined as a four-door coupe by the Bavarians, not a sedan. Even if they might technically be both sedans. Semantics. Nevertheless, the hype around the M5 CS is real and that’s because this will be the first time the CS plate will be used on an M5.

Until we get to see it though, the guys from The Straight Pipes released a fun review of the M5 Competition and, this time, they even had the chance of testing it on the track for a while. That definitely brought out the sporty character of the car, as the Competition model was created specifically for those looking to track these large, heavy sedans. If you don’t plan on doing that, the ‘regular’ M5 would be a better choice, with its more comfortable suspension.

As for the review, it includes launches and sideways action, as you would expect when you have 625 HP and RWD at your disposal. What hasn’t been said about the F90 M5 so far, be it pre-LCI or LCI. It’s an astounding car and, for the money, it’s not even that expensive. This is, after all, one of the fastest sedans ever made.