Without question, the most fun Bavarian product on sale is the BMW M2 CS. While you can get 80-percent of the fun from an M2 Competition, the CS is the pinnacle of what the M Division can currently do. In fact, the M2 CS is so good that it’s even convinced (along with some encouragement from Chris Harris) an avid AMG owner to buy one.

In this new video from Remove Before Race, we see Mr. AMG buy a BMW M2 CS. That’s an odd sounding sentence, as an AMG fan should despise any BMW M product. However, Raz Rehan (Mr. AMG) is a proper car enthusiast and can enjoy cars from any brand. So after some thought, he decided to buy himself an M2 CS and this video shows why.

Raz’s reasoning for buying the BMW M2 CS was its exclusivity. Even though it’s quite a bit more expensive than an M2 Comp, it’s actually going to hold its value far better and it might even appreciate in value. So after a few years of ownership, it’s almost a certainty that when he sells it, he’ll have lost less money than if he did the same with an M2 Competition. So, in a way, it’s actually cheaper to buy the M2 CS.

Plus, it’s a fabulous driver’s car. The BMW M2 CS is the sharpest, most engaging driver’s car to come from Bavaria since the 1 Series M, so it’s no surprise that it’s able to convince a massive AMG fan to buy one. Plus, now he has the choice of driving either an M2 CS or an AMG C63 S Coupe (among other cars) for fun. They’re two wildly different cars but offer distinct flavors that will likely keep Raz entertained for many years to come. To say we’re jealous would be a gross understatement.