BMW has always had a great portfolio of wheel designs. In fact, BMW is one of the very best wheel designers in history, with genuinely gorgeous wheel designs spanning decades. As of late some of its wheel designs have become a bit derivative but that doesn’t mean they aren’t handsome. For the new BMW M3 and M4, there are a few wheel designs on offer, from the standard wheel to the top-of-the-range M Performance wheels. In this new video, the designers of said wheels take you through a tour of them all and their details.

First up is the standard wheel. It’s the design you’ve already seen several times on test mules and in press photos and it’s a handsome enough wheel with a deep, concave center hub. It looks sporty and comes in either two finishes; two-tone silver and black and a matte grey.

Next is a wheel design that seems a bit familiar because it’s a new take on the Style 666 M wheel that came on the BMW M4 Competition Package. That older wheel was absolutely gorgeous and while this new wheel is similar, it’s not quite as nice. Still, it looks good and is also extremely lightweight.

Lastly are the new M Performance wheels. There are two on offer and they’re essentially the same wheel, just with different finishes. The wheel itself has holes in the sides of the spokes, as well as the “V” from where those spokes branch off the hub. That reduces material weight, helping to reduce unsprung mass, while also making them look cool. The standard wheel is black but the optional finish adds Sao Paolo accents to the holes in the wheels, giving them an irradiated bumble bee look.

While these wheels aren’t as iconic as the throwing star wheels seen on ’90s M cars or the stunning M parallels from the early ’00s, they’re still nice designs that compliment the new BMW M3 and M4 well. If you’re an M3/M4 customer, which wheel design are you choosing?