The new BMW M5 Competition is not a thoroughly revised model but it has been given a typical LCI refresh. It delivers incredible performance for its size, with a price tag that’s not too over the top. Sure, for a lot of people going into six-digit territory might be an issue, but considering what you’re getting for the money, the M5 is actually a pretty good deal.

That’s one of the reasons why it has been so popular, helping the BMW M division reach new sales records last year, with all the Covid-19 madness included. For 2021, the car got a facelift, one that brings a new front fascia to the mix along with a refreshed rear end and some technical changes. All of that and more is discussed in the rather detailed video posted below by MotoMan. From the chassis upgrades to the differences between the normal M5 and the Competition model, you get a detailed look at what you get for your money.

There are other useful insights in it too. One question a lot of us are asking ourselves is whether all those changes do make an impact on the car’s behavior on the road. As far as I can gather from what MotoMan is saying, the M5 Competition is one of the best driving cars on the market today. It handles well, accelerates like a beast and keeps its massive weight in check in tight corners. Furthermore, there’s a lot more new tech inside, bringing it in line with the rest of the M models on sale today.

Another thing that separates the M5 from the competition is its M xDrive all-wheel drive system that can send all of its power to the rear wheels if you want it to. However, there are some issues that instantly pop up when you do that, like a lack of traction. According to the review, the car gets so wild, it becomes nearly impossible to drive without being an expert drifter so I guess sticking to 4WD Sport is your best choice.