If there’s anything we can all agree on this year – which was filled with incredible events – it is that the BMW M2 CS is the best product to come from Bavaria in a long time. And yes, I’m not just referring to BMWs and cars, but all products from all brands in Bavaria. That’s how much praise this car got over the last few months. The BMW M2 CS is a refined product, the kind German car makers like to make. It’s basically the epitome of the 2 Series range, launched just as the entire series is going out of production. It was the popularity of the 2 Series range as a whole that convinced BMW to keep the Coupe model going and offer it on a rear-wheel drive platform, after the company initially wanted to transform everything below the 3 Series into FWD models.

Well, this is one of those cases when the community and customers push back so hard that the companies have to listen and take action. The biggest issue about the M2 CS however might come from the limited availability. Being made in a small batch could mean that not everyone who actually wants one gets to actually buy it, but leaving that behind, we’re here to watch it drift. And what better way to experience that than with the Stig behind the wheel?

As you might be aware, Top Gear started a mini-series of clips with cars being drifted around for our pure enjoyment. We’ve seen a DB5 doing it as well as other cars and now it’s time for the M2 CS to go round in a cloud of smoke. Just press play on the video below and you won’t be disappointed.