The BMW M2 CS is a bit of an oddity in its segment. While it’s priced similarly to the Audi RS3 and Mercedes-AMG A45 S — its two main competitors — it’s the only one of the three to be rear-wheel drive and it’s the only coupe. So its skill set, despite being in the same segment, is very different. So which car is actually faster in a drag race; the M2 or the aforementioned A45 AMG?

On paper, the BMW M2 CS has the advantage. It has the bigger engine; a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 versus the AMG’s 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder; and it makes more power; 444 horsepower versus 415 horsepower from the AMG. They also both have dual-clutch gearboxes in this drag race video. However, the AMG uses all-wheel drive, while the M2 CS makes do with just rear-wheel drive. So the AMG has a traction advantage off the line. Which car is actually fastest?

In the quarter-mile, the AMG was faster. Not only did it get a better launch, quickly jumping ahead of the Bimmer, but it also increased its lead on the M2 most of the way through the race. Toward the end, the more powerful BMW M2 CS started to come back but didn’t have enough runway in the quarter-mile. Maybe if the race was a half-mile, the Bimmer might have won. However, no race in the real world is going to last that long, at those sorts of speeds.

Admittedly in the M2 CS’ defense, it’s going to be the more engaging car on a circuit, thanks to its rear-drive chassis. However, in the rear world, it’s hard to argue the AMG’s speed and traction advantages. The BMW M2 CS might be faster on a track, thanks to its superior agility, but in the real world, where no one is taking twisty corners at full chat, the AMG is going to be the faster car.