While we’re still patiently waiting for the new BMW M4 to pop up at the dealer down the street, the German automaker is bringing out the big guns, solely online for now. The BMW M4 GT3, a car that was confirmed by BMW a long time ago, will be used in a variety of motorsport competitions. The GT3 version is now also featured in an enticing promotional clip that doesn’t really tell us that much about it but it does have an impressive lighting show.

The new BMW M4 GT3 will start racing in 2022, according to the Munich-based manufacturer, and it will be an important car for the Motorsport division. That’s because there’s a lot banking on it as it will replace not one but two cars in the process: the BMW M6 GT3 and the BMW Z4 GT3. Both of these models have proved successful over the years but they are getting rather old, in dire need of a change.

As for the specs, BMW Motorsport says that the the new M4 GT3 will be using a fresh 3-liter straight six twin-turbo engine, most likely based on the S58 powerplant used by the road-going M4. Of course, since it will be used in serious racing events, the mill under the hood of the GT3 model will be heavily modified, using forged everything and with a different cooling system, exhaust, intake and so on.

The spec sheet will have different power levels but it looks like the engine will have over 500 HP in its final version. Tests with the model are being carried out right now as the company is trying to get everything ready in time for the 2022 season. Turner Motorsport has already confirmed that it’s interested in getting one, to replace their M6 GT3 that has proven its worth countless times so far.