With only 150 units scheduled for production, the recently unveiled BMW M4 Competition x KITH models could become future collector’s items. That’s because they sold out quickly and also because the future of automobiles will be dominated by electric drivetrains.

This is truly an inspiring collaboration though and I absolutely love what KITH did with the BMW M4, creating a compelling package for those looking to buy a more special car. As you might expect, I’m not the only one and while a lot of people are bickering about the design language used on the new 4 Series and M4 models, all of the 150 units of this particular special model have been sold out in less than 24 hours. Talk about demand…

The video below shows how the car was put together, thanks to some very nice cuts. It’s a bit short but it’s interesting how much information and detail you can offer in about a minute time.

As you might be aware, the BMW M4 Competition x KITH creation was brought to life when the streetwear company decided to contact BMW M for a special collaboration. Therefore, a new car was born, with a lot of special features to set it apart in this mundane world of ours.

Only three color options are available and they’re all frozen paint colors: Frozen Black, Frozen Brilliant White and Frozen Dark Silver. There’s an optional carbon fiber roof available with a massive “Kith” logo in case you want to draw even more attention to the car, and the interior is absolutely stunning, featuring a unique combination of colors and prints.

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