Hamann has been peculiarly missing from the list of tuners out there who are offering alternatives for those looking to enhance their BMW X6 models. That’s especially suspicious since Hamann is a long-standing BMW tuner. The Germans have recently started catering to other brands as well so they might have an excuse at hand for now. Regardless, their products will always have a certain following in the BMW community.

As for the BMW X6, the new model already has some of the most aggressive styling in the segment so improving it might be a bit of an uphill battle. Nevertheless, Hamann rose to the challenge and unveiled a set of upgrades for the car. The front end, rear end, sides and even interior are covered by their offerings. There’s a new front bumper available, new wheel arch covers, a meaner diffuser located right between the tailpipes and another one at the top of the tailgate.

The tailgate also can be equipped with an aggressive racing wing, in typical Hamann style. You’ll also notice the usual Hamann-style wheels and, round the back, a set of four round tailpipes measuring 4 inches in diameter. To make things even more interesting, you can also get a lowering kit to drop the ride height by 25 mm (approximately 1 inch), to fit nicely over the new 22 or 23-inch wheels.

Inside the cabin not a lot can be changed courtesy of the Hamann catalogue. You can get a different set of pedal covers (including the footrest), new floor mats and a new steering wheel emblem to replace the standard BMW one. That can also be done on the outside, if you so desire. Prices haven’t been announced just yet but don’t expect any of this to be cheap.