In what seems like a really odd comparison, the guys from Track Day decided to set up a drag race between a BMW X3 M Competition, a BMW X6 M50i and an Audi RS3. Yes, those cars compete in different categories/segment in the automotive industry but, truth be told, they do have very close power to weight ratios. And that’s one of the main reasons why we’re even here, watching this race.

The guys even did the math and, according to them, the power to weight ratios are as follows: 9:1 on the RS3, 9.91 to one on the X6 M50i and 8.3 to one in the X3 M Competition. As you might notice, the X3 M has an odd ratio and that’s because this model was tuned a bit, to make around 600 HP at the wheel.

So, with this difference in power, the guys decided to make amends. Therefore, the X3 M Competition was filled with people, to add weight even the odds a little. Did it work? Well, they set up three runs for the cars, to make sure the results aren’t just a fluke and things went down as you probably expect them to. The X3 M Competition does have a lot more power than the other two, including the 523-HP BMW X6 M50i and its 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8.

As for the Audi, it was the lightest car here and performed rather well. You could say it was also a tiny bit tuned, as it used 93-octane fuel. However, that’s not exactly a mind-bending advantage, to be honest. The RS3 actually managed to beat the X6 overall and that’s about as much as you could expect from it. Now check out the video and let us know what you think.