The electric future is coming. Period. This new era will also introduce a lot of novel cars that you probably didn’t even think could be possible some 20 years ago. And yet, here we are, on the brink of seeing the first ever fully electric 7 Series being unveiled under the i7 moniker. Maybe we’re a bit further away from its unveiling than the word ‘brink’ might suggest but since BMW confirmed it’s coming, there’s no turning back now.

So we know the BMW i7 is coming and we’ve even started seeing prototypes of the car rolling around in various parts of the world. Right now, there’s a prototype being driven around Munchen (you can check it out here) and it looks completely isolated from the world.

BMW is apparently being very careful not to give away any details about its upcoming limousine. However, even so, a couple of details can still be made out.

For instance, the front-end has what looks like a massive set of grilles sitting in the middle, between the headlamps. And that will be the biggest question surrounding the new 7 Series and i7: how will BMW’s designers approach the front end. Will we see yet another growth spurt or will BMW back off a little, after the controversy surrounding the LCI G01 7 Series?

We just don’t know right now. We can, however, guess that the i7 will have a blocked out set of grilles up front, to help out with the overall aerodynamics of the car.

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As for the tech specs, the BMW i7 will have plenty of horsepower and range, according to our sources. We started reporting last year about the future of the 7 Series and its electric/hybrid versions. Basically, the V12 and V8 powerplants will be gone and the range will be made up of either straight six engines by themselves (mild hybrid, both petrol and diesel), plug-in hybrid versions with one or two electric motors alongside the ICE unit or fully electric models.

The BMW i7 will be fully electric and should have a few different powertrains available. Power levels for the electric model will probably vary from around 500 HP to close to 700. The range should also exceed 600 kilometers if the 120 kWh battery packs rumored to make their way into the car will turn out to be true. Expect the new 7 Series to arrive in 2022.