Wagons have been a sensible subject for car enthusiasts in the US for quite some time now. Things have gone even worse since the rise of the SUV market. As a result, BMW pulled all of its sport wagons from the U.S, with no sign of bringing them back anytime soon. It’s a shame though, as just right about now some truly amazing wagons are making people happy in other parts of the world.

The list includes the new M Performance models in the 3 Series range, such as the M340i xDrive or the M340d xDrive. Those cars could very well be everything you could possibly need in terms of transportation. But there are even more exciting cars out there as well, such as the ALPINA B3 Touring, for example.

It’s a well known fact that BMW never offered an M3 in wagon shape. But where the M division won’t go, ALPINA usually covers the ground.

It happens in the 5 Series range, the biggest X offering and now in the 3 Series line-up. The ALPINA B3 Touring might not be as powerful as the upcoming M3 will be, but the differences are small and nobody actually needs 480 or 510 HP anyway. The guys from Car and Driver took one for a spin and came back so impressed that they wished the B3 would come stateside.

And while most people would be focusing on the engine, largely based on the one used on the M340i, the most impressive feature of the ALPINA B3 is the chassis. According to Car and Driver, the car has no harshness whatsoever even in the firmest setting.

At the same time, Comfort mode didn’t make the car roll excessively which is a really hard balance to find on any car. The steering also felt better than in a BMW M340i, for example, and that’s nothing to scoff at. Combined, the B3 Touring is a really well rounded off package appealing to those looking for effortless speed in ultimate comfort. Shame it’s not available in the U.S. though.

[Full review: Car and Driver]