As American enthusiasts, we’re extremely jealous of European customers that can buy cars like the ALPINA B3 Touring. Sure, it’s out of most enthusiasts’ price range anyway but we’d still like to have the option to do so. However, for all of you European enthusiasts that can buy the B3 Touring, the online configurator has just gone live and you can spec yours exactly as you’d like.

There aren’t that may options and the configurator isn’t nearly as modern or in-depth as BMW’s, so building an ALPINA B3 Touring isn’t as exciting as I’d hoped. Still, getting to spec your car B3, from paint to interior to packages, is pretty cool.

There are only a handful of color options but that doesn’t really matter because there are only two correct color choices — ALPINA Blue and ALPINA Green. Any other color on a proper ALPINA, B3 or otherwise, is heresy. Also, of the two wheel options, there’s only one correct one — the 20-inch forged wheel, the classic. Any proper BMW/ALPINA enthusiast will also choose to add the classic gold livery.

Inside, there are a lot of ALPINA color choices and they’re all more special than the standard colors you’ll find in BMW’s 3 Series configurator. Of course, the ALPINA B3 Touring is a lot more expensive than the 3 Series, so it should have more choices but it’s still fun to check them all out.

Maybe it’s only special for us ‘Mericans, as there’s a bit of novelty to building a car we can’t buy here. Europeans might not find this all that interesting, as they can actually go and buy a real one, with real money, in real life. But for all of you that can’t go buy one for real, check out this configurator, build your own ALPINA B3 Touring and dream.

[Source: ALPINA]