Over the past couple of weeks, a few spy photos of the upcoming BMW 2 Series Coupe have surfaced. However, in all of the photos, the 2 Series test mules have all been heavily covered in camouflaged, so there really wasn’t too much to see in any of them. That said, there was enough there to get a good idea of what it might look like when it finally debuts and this new render shows off what is likely to be a relatively accurate portrayal of the production car. (We don’t own the render but it can be seen here)

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Up front, it gets the same new face as the one during a recent photo leak, which brings unique new headlights, a new grille design and entirely new taillights. In this render, it also takes the rest of the design language from the current 2 Series, so its overall shape and proportions are still good, but it does get some more modern BMW touches.

Out back, it gets new taillights and a gloss black lip spoiler, along with some rectangular exhaust tips, but the rest is from the current 2 Series Coupe, really.

2022 bmw 2 series coupe 1 830x830

If this render is any accurate, it shows a far more evolutionary change than a revolutionary one, compared to the last generation of 2 Series. Though, I think most fans would probably appreciate that, considering the radical state of BMW’s design language at the moment. The 4 Series is about as radical a change as it’s going to get, design-wise, and it’s about all BMW fans can take. So a bit of reservation is likely something that would be met with praise.

When it does debut, regardless of what happens on the outside, fans can expect a familiar recipe underneath the skin. The next-gen 2 Series will still sit on a rear-wheel drive architecture and one that’s better than the current 2er’s. It will also still get straight-six engines at the front and the next-gen BMW M2 will likely get a version of the M3’s S58 engine. So all will still be right with the world, in regards to the next-gen 2 Series.

[Source: Auto Express]