One of the first BMW M2 CS units in North America headed to Mexico. The Black Sapphire M2 CS found a home in Mexico City in the hands of a true BMW enthusiast. He goes by the handle name Tigeroujimo and also owns another iconic M car  – the 1M.

“So far I’ve managed to put 750 km on my car (470 miles) without going over the 4,500 RPM break-in limit as well as the 170 km/hr one (106 miles/hr),” says the lucky owner. “I want to make you all aware that even though my impressions are mostly positive, any CS version of an M car will feel like a Formula One when driven under these conditions. I also want to point out that the current tires on this car are Pilot Super Sports and not the Cup 2.”

Furthermore, he goes on to explains his excitement about the “bitey” carbon ceramic brakes. “I must add that this car is not my first current BMW with carbon ceramic brakes (CCB) so regardless of the fact that this is something I should be familiar with, the feel of the pedal is so strong and responsive that it really caught my attention.”

When it comes to the chassis, he feels that the chassis is the most rigid in mid corner. “Even though the car turns in as sharp as a Hattori Hanzo sword, it feels as competent when asked to hold a tight line mid corner as my Magic Bullet blender making my morning smoothie.”

The M2 CS also comes with a revised suspension, including adjustable settings. “The comfort setting is stiff enough to maintain at reasonable speeds on a twisty road yet soft enough on the bump stage of the damper to allow for the suspension geometry to remain tight throughout the car’s life,” says the new M2 CS owner.

“The Sport+ setting feels determined and sharpens the car’s instincts turning it into a racy craft while conveying confidence to the driver.”

Under the hood of the BMW M2 CS lies the S55 engine from the M4, but with slightly less power – 444 hp. But its performance is equally impressive.

“There is no lag in response when going to the accelerator at basic settings with the reaction time pretty much disappearing as you move up the engine’s performance setting adjustments.”

As always, there is some room for improvement though and that’s being fairly pointed out. “There are two things I haven’t found up to the car’s expectations – the engine sound, at least not at low RPM levels, and the ergonomics of the shift knob height wise,” adds the owner.

But the love for the M2 CS comes back as soon as he gets to sit in the new Competition seats. “As far as the interior goes, the seats are in a class apart from the basic M2.”

The report wouldn’t be complete without some great photographer provided by his better half – Mariana Hernandez, a professional photographer at EMPhoto.