The upcoming G80 BMW M3 will not only be the most powerful M3 ever made, but also one to provide the most exciting driving dynamics in an M car today. Yet, another important topic will be the car’s weight and the impact on its driving characteristics. Let’s not forget, the Competition models will come with all-wheel drive, another novelty for the M3.

Manufacturers have been trying really hard to keep the weight in check. That’s not just for the high-performance models like the M3, but for all cars. Whereas on a sports car, every kilo counts towards keeping things in check on the track, on regular models, that same kilo adds up to fuel consumption and, consequently, CO2 emissions.

With the G80 M3 becoming all-wheel drive, that can only mean one thing: more headaches for the engineers trying to keep the weight down.

Weight cutting measures were certainly applied. BMW will be using a smart mix of materials to keep things nice and lean. Still, chances are, the new M3 will be heavier than the outgoing model and that means more work will have to go into the suspension setup.

By the looks of things in the video below, the M3 is shaping up to be pretty good on track. Even at higher speeds, the car seems to be in control, leaning, but not to a terrible degree.

Everything seems composed from the outside and that’s definitely good news. Of course, a lot of the credit goes to the driver as well, but nevertheless, it looks like we might have a winner on our hands here.

The new G80 M3 will be unveiled, along with its huge grille, in September and sales will kick off next year.