M Performance parts have become a lot more popular in recent years than they have ever been. BMW does invest a lot in the M Performance Parts catalog and those parts do bring certain advantages to the cars they are installed on so you shouldn’t be surprised in seeing them really take off. The fact that just about any modern BMW can get M Performance upgrades only makes them more appealing. The video below seems to imply that the G80 M3 you’re about to see — and hear — is wearing one such exhaust.

We aren’t absolutely positive that’s the case but there are some hints that it might be. If you pause at the right moment you can take a closer look at the exhaust pipes. Upon examining and cross referencing with other spy shots of the G80 M3 you’ll notice a slight difference in design. They do look different but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is the M Performance exhaust we’re looking at. Remember, these are prototypes and BMW can change a lot of things on these cars before the final product is agreed upon.

As for the sound, that can also suffer mutations before the final product is released. The new G80 M3 will definitely have an Otto particulate filter installed so don’t expect a lot of pops and bangs, at least not in its stock guise. The new S58 does sound good, I have to admit, but it will be a lot more toned down compared to its use in cars like the X3 M, due to technical reasons, not because BMW doesn’t want it to be louder.

There will always be aftermarket solutions available for you, as long as you’re willing to take the risk of running a car that doesn’t have an OPF installed anymore. And while this particular prototype does sound different than what we’ve seen so far, I’m not completely sure that’s because of the M Performance exhaust.