If there’s something we’ve established about the new MINI Cooper SE is its fun factor. The addition of the electric powertrain to that compact car turned it into a zippy model, despite the added weight. Sure, that can become troublesome in certain situations but since all the weight is hanging low, that’s not such a big issue overall. The new MINI Cooper SE proved its worth in the dreaded Moose test, as you’re about to see.

The Moose test has become a sort of dreaded experience for some car makers these days. Initially created to simulate an emergency situation, where you’d have to avoid an obstacle at very short notice, it has become a sort of norm.

We’ve seen a number of car fail these tests and a number of car makers outraged by the results. Some have even issued threats instead of trying to correct the reasons that brought on these failures.

As for the MINI Cooper SE, it performed admirably, confirming our reports that it is a nice driving car. It went through the course at 77 km/h, which is the speed they use normally for these testing purposes, without hitting any cones. The car failed the test at 81 km/h but not in spectacular fashion, hitting two cones with its extremities, but not deviating from the course in spectacular fashion. Overall, I think this was a rather good performance.

On the slalom test, the car performed even better. The reviewers said the steering was quick to respond, while the electronic nannies didn’t cut in too much. The car’s weight did create some roll but it was deemed as ‘moderate’ while the steering was said to offer some feedback.

All in all, the MINI Cooper SE did rather well in these tests and the engineers should be satisfied with how it turned out.