Mini Cooper SE

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MINI Plant Oxford has built more than 11,000 MINI Electrics

MINI Plant Oxford has hit a significant milestone by building more than 11,000 MINI Electrics since production began, just before the plant’s annual summer shutdown. MINI’s first all-electric model was introduced in Summer 2019. MINI…

VIDEO: Harry Metcalf Tests the MINI Cooper SE

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Video: MINI Cooper SE undergoes the dreaded Moose test

If there’s something we’ve established about the new MINI Cooper SE is its fun factor. The addition of the electric powertrain to that compact car turned it into a zippy model, despite the added weight….

2020 MINI Cooper SE test drive 25 830x553

VIDEO: MINI Cooper SE versus MINI Cooper S Drag Race

When it comes to MINI, outright speed isn’t necessarily important. While it helps, getting from 0-60 mph isn’t exactly what the MINI brand is about. Instead, the famous British brand’s cars are about nippy handling…