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2023 BMW X1 52 830x553

VIDEO: The BMW X1 Failed the Moose Test

The BMW X1 is supposed to be the nimble crossover in the brand’s lineup. It’s the smallest, sportiest, and most enthusiast-driven by nature. SUVs like the X3, X5, and X7 are all increasingly more luxurious….

bmw i4 edrive40 mineral white 03 830x553

BMW i4 eDrive40 Doesn’t Excel In The Moose Test

The Spanish journalists at km77 got behind the wheel of another BMW to put it through its paces in moose and slalom tests. After the X3 LCI evaluated last month, it was time for the…

2022 bmw x3 facelift frozen grey 35 830x553

2022 BMW X3 Undergoes The Moose Test, See How It Fares

SUVs generally don’t impress in a moose test because of their higher center of gravity, but the BMW X3 LCI featured here performed more than decently while tackling the evasive maneuver. The model in question…

VIDEO: BMW iX Undergoes the Moose Test

2021 bmw ix3 test drive 71 830x553

VIDEO: Does the BMW iX3 Pass the Swedish Moose Test?

When BMW began developing electric cars, enthusiasts were hoping that the new EVs would keep the handling that BMWs have always been known for. With cars like the BMW iX3, which is an all-electric BMW…

2020 MINI Cooper SE test drive 28 830x553

Video: MINI Cooper SE undergoes the dreaded Moose test

If there’s something we’ve established about the new MINI Cooper SE is its fun factor. The addition of the electric powertrain to that compact car turned it into a zippy model, despite the added weight….