Rendering artist Nicolas Cavero (@futurecarsnow) brings us the first rendering of a future BMW M4 CSL. The Photoshoped image is based on the recently G82 M4 leak. The next-gen M4 Coupe was spotted just a few days ago and turned the BMW world upside-down.

The reason for that? Its enormous kidney grille which takes a different approach than the recently unveiled BMW 4 Series Coupe. Compared to the standard 4 Series, the M4 high-performance coupe will use a two-piece kidney grille, spread vertically across the front-fascia and featuring horizontal and functional slats.

Therefore, the rendering artist used those new M design elements and combined them with some cues from the current F82 BMW M4 GTS.

But the render is more than just an M4 GTS with a new grille stuck on its face. Its hood has been redesigned to match the new 4 Series cars, as have the headlights and the car’s flanks. Its sides have been smoothed out, with less body lines and creases.

Furthermore, the previous BMW M4’s Hofmeister Kink has been removed. There is also a subtle carbon fiber front lip painted in orange to match the M4 GTS’ wheels.

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A massive racing spoiler peaks from the back, a statement to the true DNA of the future M4 CSL.

For BMW enthusiasts, there are three letters that can make them shiver with excitement — “CSL”. First, there was the legendary 3.0 CSL which one Sebring in 1975. That car brought the CSL nameplate to the mainstream for automotive enthusiasts. After the iconic E46-generation BMW M3 CSL, fans have held those three letters in the highest regard.

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And now, the iconic moniker will make a return. As hinted in 2019, BMW M is planning to retire the GTS naming convention used on its track-ready cars and replace it with the more marketing-friendly “CSL.”

But first, we will see the rear-wheel drive only BMW M3/M4 arriving this year, followed a year later by the all-wheel drive M3/M4. We expect the BMW M4 CSL to arrive sometimes in 2022.