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BMW M4 GTS Review – Is it time to buy one?

Over the course of our existence covering BMW news, we’ve tested and reviewed majority, if not all of the new BMW model. But there was one that eluded us for quite some time – The…

bmw m4 gts photos 04 830x553

Test Drive: BMW M4 GTS – Raw, Stiff, But Fun

The GTS moniker had a short life in the BMW M portfolio, but the name will always be associated with one of the most raw street-legal M cars ever made. There were only 300 units…

VIDEO: Let’s Remember the F82 BMW M4 GTS

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Review: BMW M4 GTS – A Future Classic?

My name is Didier and I’m the proud owner of a BMW M4 GTS. The street-legal racing car is everything I have ever dreamed about. Over time, I’ve had the opportunity to own an M3…