According to some pundits, the new face of the 4 Series Coupe doesn’t fit in the typical BMW patterns. But what are those patterns exactly? Take a look throughout BMW’s history and you’ll quickly notice that the iconic kidney grilles have changed shape and size a number of times. Then again, a comprehensive view of how they evolved requires a look through about 100 years of car making.

That’s probably why the BMW team felt like some explanation was needed, to put things in context. The video below features Pieter Nota, BMW’s board member responsible for Customer, Brands and Sales, explaining how the design of the new 4 Series fits within BMW’s history of great Coupes.

“When I was a boy, I was madly in love with this car, the BMW 3.0 CS: And the new BMW 4 Series Coupé brings back all of those feelings! […] It embodies the very essence of the BMW brand. THE 4 is a forward-looking interpretation of BMW’s enduring DNA: It gives you a good idea of how we want to combine the very latest in technology with a very strong and evocative design at BMW in the near future,” Nota says about the new 4 Series Coupe.

Photo Comparison: G22 BMW 4 Series vs BMW Concept 4 — Concept vs Reality

Looking at the shots you can definitely notice different takes on the same overall shape that has dominated the front end of every BMW car since the dawn of the 20th century.

There’s a lot more to a BMW than just a set of grilles and you might want to take a step back and look at the whole picture. Maybe you’ll switch perspectives and learn that design and mainly good design, is meant to start a conversation more than anything.

One thing’s for sure, the new BMW 4 Series is not easily forgettable.