It all started with the BMW Concept 4. When it first hit the scene on the Frankfurt Motor Show stage, BMW fans were immediately up in arms about the design of the grille. After which, BMW doubled down and said that the next-gen 4 Series would have the very same grille and, in fact, the Concept 4 was about 90-percent production-ready. Fans were upset, seemingly unable to accept the reality that 4 Series would look like the Concept. Now that the actual 4 Series is here, we know it to be true.

What’s shocking is just how similar the two cars are. Production cars are almost always watered down versions of their concept cars but the 4 Series Coupe is so similar to the Concept 4 that it’s almost shocking.

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Look up front at the two cars and you’ll notice that the overall design and shapes are almost identical between the two; the headlight shape, the grille size and design, the smiley bumper underneath the grilles and the front air intakes are all basically the same. Sure, the proportions on the Concept 4 are slightly exaggerated and the lighting elements in the headlights are different but that’s really it.

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They’re really similar in profile, as well. In fact, the 4 Series Coupe is actually the more interesting looking car of the two. The Concept 4 is a bit too smooth and it lacks in real drama. Its giant wheels and chrome trim make up all of its flare, while the production version is actually very pretty on its own.

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Even the rear end and taillight designs are extremely similar. It’s actually quite remarkable, just how similar they are. The taillights, the little built-in spoiler, subtle diffuser and trapezoidal exhausts are all the same as they are on the production 4 Series.

What this means is that either BMW was really brave in making its production car seem like the concept or that it wasn’t a very exciting concept to begin with. Either way, BMW was absolutely right when it said that the production 4er was going to be 90-percent of the concept car.