Just a few months ago, Lumma Design showed us what they have in store for the BMW X7. Their kit, dubbed the CLR X7, following the naming procedures used by the tuner over the years, looked like an overkill in the initial renderings. That really wasn’t surprising, considering how opulent Lumma Design products usually are. However, now that the first pictures of an actual car wearing the kit have popped up online. To our surprise, it’s not nearly as obnoxious as we expected.

The Lumma Design CLR X7 kit comes with a host of bits and pieces which form a puzzle on the final product. You need to take into account the wheel arch extensions combined with the new front fascia which features a new spoiler, attached to the bumper, the new side sills as well as the blacked out kidney grilles, rear spoiler lip, roof spoiler and rear apron diffuser. All of these parts combined do give the X7 a more muscular look, if that’s what you’re looking for.

The wheels have also been swapped out. The BMW X7 comes with 22″ wheels and they are already pretty big by comparison to any vehicle on the road but the Lumma Design version wears 24″ ones, 10″ wide up front an 13″ wide at the back. That also implies changing the tires. As for the tires, the front ones are 295s while the rear ones are 355s, some of the biggest you can get on a car these days. They also offer a smaller set of 23″ wheels if that’s too much for you.

The photos in the gallery below show us only the exterior of the car but, according to Lumma Design, they can also take care of the interior of the car if you want them to, in case the BMW Individual catalogue just doesn’t cut it for you. The price for all the goodies on the outside? €16,750.00 plus VAT, installation and painting and that includes a set of 23″ wheels. For the 24″ ones you’ll have to get a bit more money.