Even though I have to admit I didn’t think the Mansory Billionaire would sell, it seem like I was wrong. The model based on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is doing fine and the guys from Mansory have apparently finished off another one. But his time in a typical British combo. As you might notice, this particular Billionaire has a British Racing Green exterior combined with a cognac interior that’s full of quilted surfaces.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is already mightily impressive, without having to add some exterior bits to the mix. It comes with the typical panache all cars made in Goodwood have. You get treated to the best materials you can get on a car, the best ride and, of course, the exclusivity of the badge. For some, that may be alright but others are looking at tuners to make their ride stand out even more. Not that people wouldn’t gawk at the sight of a Cullinan anyway.

This particular ride features the famous paint hue we’ve all grown to love over the years, made famous by Jaguars on the race track a long time ago. The widebody kit of the Billionaire Cullinan makes the 24″ wheels look adequate and not out of place, as they would look on probably any other car. Inside the cabin you’re met with only one color which has been applied virtually everywhere. The cognac leather also features a quilted pattern in a number of places, including the entire boot.

This is yet another one of the 13 promised Cullinan Billionaire cars to be made. We’ve seen the Coastline version a while back and I guess there’s 3 more to be made before Mansory can lay this project to rest. Prices start at €785,000 (US$859,378) in Germany which is probably not a lot to a billionaire who really wants it.