The people from Mansory unveiled their take on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed the Billionaire, this take on the Rolls-Royce high-riding vehicle is typical Mansory business. It has been changed inside and out to fit in the company’s patterns and now you can buy one on the internet. That’s if you don’t mind paying about three quarters of a million dollars for it.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is already mightily impressive. It comes with the typical panache all cars made in Goodwood have. You get treated to the best materials you can get on a car, the best ride and, of course, the exclusivity of the badge. For some, that may be alright but others are looking at tuners to make their ride stand out even more. Not that people wouldn’t gawk at the sight of a Cullinan anyway.

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The thing is, Mansory said it will only build 13 of these cars so access is rather limited. Thus, getting one on the internet might be the way to go, if you missed your chance. This one is listed for €648,500 ($726,799) which is over €100,000 less than what the car costs when new. That’s all due to the fact that this Mansory Billionaire has 50 km (30 miles) on the clock. This is basically a brand new car you can save over $150k on.

There’s a trick though, as the ad points out that, in case you do buy it, you’ll have to wait about two months before the car will be delivered. There’s no mention as to why that’s the case but I’m sure it could be a deal breaker for some. Other than that, this Billionaire seems to be the one introduced at Geneva, with the exact same configuration on. This includes a new front bumper, new rear bumper, a sport exhaust system 24″ wheels and a lot more inside.

Via: Carscoops