Whenever we talk about high-performance cars, like the BMW M5 or M8 Competition, there are times when we mention their ability to play on a race track. It’s a bit of a useless exercise, if I’m honest, talking about a road car’s track ability. Its uselessness stems from the fact that about 0.01 percent of all performance car owners will actually take their cars to the race track. So what about a Rolls-Royce, the pinnacle of opulence and quiet comfort? That number drops to a flat zero.

That’s what makes this video so great to watch. In it, two guys take a Rolls-Royce Ghost on the most famous race track in the world —  the Nurburgring. Just take that in for a second; a Roller on the ‘Ring.

In the video, we see one gentleman get into the back seat, with a driver at the helm. They then head out onto the track and it turns out that not only can the Ghost handle a bit of Nurburgring fun but it does so without ever bothering the rear passenger. It stays relatively flat through corners, enough to make sure its passengers don’t spill their champagne. It’s also quiet and composed and never upsets its chassis. At moments, there’s a hint of tire squeal but the car in the video is riding on winter tires.

This video proves something I’ve always said; it’s surprising good fun to flog a Rolls-Royce of any kind. Sure, they weigh as much as small moons and they’re designed entirely for comfort, without any pretense at sportiness, yet they’re fun nevertheless. It’s sort of a challenge to figure out how it pitches and rolls, how early to turn in before the front end finally catches and how to put it all together and the challenge is fun. Also, just the incongruity of it all is a laugh.

Few people would ever think to hustle a Rolls-Royce, especially at the Nurburgring, but it’s a surprisingly fun experience and this video proves it.