Comparing the BMW M8 Competition and the M2 Competition in a drag race is definitely not fair. Sure, the M8 is considerably heavier while it also has a lot more power and, most importantly, all-wheel drive. But at the same time, the M2 Competition doesn’t really stand a chance with its significantly lower power and rear-wheel drive.

However, considering the price tag difference between them, how big is the gap and how hard is it to drive them both on wet surfaces? That’s what CarWow wanted to find out.

They got an M8 Competition and an M2 Competition lined-up for one of their drag race/brake test videos. The M2 was driven by Joe Achilles and it wasn’t just any M2 either.

This one is a special version, fitted with all the M Performance parts you can get. That includes a carbon fiber hood, boot lid, side skirts, canards and even a huge wing at the back.

Unfortunately, Joe also didn’t have the weather on his side. As you know, the M8 Competition comes with all-wheel drive and that’s a big plus when the surface you’re racing on is wet. While Joe was struggling to keep the rear axle from breaking traction too much, the M8 was doing burnouts with all four wheels in the first drag race.

Mat then was challenged to do a race with the M8 in RWD mode only and the cars were a lot closer than in the first race but in the end, the more powerful beast here won.

VIDEO: BMW M8 Competition vs Tuned 825 hp Ford Mustang

It was the same result for the rolling race, nobody could expect anything else, to be fair. Luckily, the M2 Competition did get a win in the end and that was in the brake test. Being considerably lighter than the M8 Competition finally came in handy as the M2 won this test.

So, considering the price difference between the two and the added performance on the M8, what would you choose?