The BMW M8 Competition is a great car, especially when you realize that it’s more of a fast GT car than an all-out sports car. It’s not a perfect car but it is a special car, one that any owner will enjoy for years. However, one of its faults is a lack of special colors.

There’s a Motegi Red and a Frozen Bluestone Metallic but they’re not really stellar color options. Thankfully, that’s where BMW’s Individual program comes in and can make the M8 look properly special. Such as this 1-of-1 Rosso Corsa BMW M8 Competition in America.

If you’re not familiar, Rosso Corsa is a Ferrari color and, in Italian, translates to “racing red”. It’s also a perfect shade of red for an expensive, high-performance machine like the M8 Comp. Admittedly, it looks better on a Ferrari but that’s also because most Ferraris are prettier than the M8. That’s not a knock on the M8 but praise for Ferraris.

In this video, we get to take a tour through this Rosso Corrsa BMW M8 Competition and it’s a stunner. The bright red, contrasted with its black accents and carbon fiber bits, looks great on the M8 Comp. Though, it does prove that BMW should offer different colors for its brake calipers, as he blue calipers don’t work well against the bright red.

Sonic Speed Blue BMW M8 Competition — The only other interesting color

We also get to check the specs and all of the interesting features of the M8. Us journos get to poke and prod around cars like the M8 all the time. But most enthusiasts do not, so videos like this are really helpful in showing what it’s really like to be around such an expensive and exciting car.

It also proves that BMW M needs some more interesting colors. The M Division used to have a great catalog of incredible colors, like Dakar Yellow and Laguna Seca Blue. Now, it seems we get the same Sakhir Orange over and over again, just with different names.

We need some more interesting colors, without having to resort to paying a far too much for Individual colors, especially for cars like the M8. A car as expensive as the BMW M8 Competition ($146,000 to start) should have at least a couple of really unique colors. This Rosso Corsa M8 is the perfect example of that.